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Offshore Crane Operator Training

offshore crane operator training in india

We offer complete Offshore Crane Operator Training In India to the marine professionals.

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Among the various offshore oil rig job positions that typically remain in extreme demand among jobseekers include riggers and crane operators and many more. In fact, these two specific job positions are known well for paying relatively better compensations than their on-shore counterparts. Incidentally, if you possess experience in rigging, you can easily get the job offshore as a deckhand. To excel in a Crane Operator position, although, it is a must to undergo training to become a professional or certified Offshore Crane Operator from a certified training course. We list the two most popular crane operator training courses as follows: Offshore Crane Operator

The job of a Crane Operator is full of responsibilities. In simple words, he is answerable for operating the crane on the rig and unloading from the supply ships. They act as the deckhand’s foreman, and give supervision to the deckhands including the Assistant Crane Operator while loading and unloading supplies for the supply ships, as well as transferring different types of equipment on the rig decks. It is a must for all offshore crane operators to have an Offshore Crane Operator Certificate. Moreover, they should possess experience working as a rigger\deckhand.

Assistant Offshore Crane Operator

The assistant offshore crane operator must have worked as a rigger and has armed himself with all the essential qualifications to function as the rig crane on relief for the crane operator. This is, however, a subordinate operations position and as a part of his responsibility, the assistant offshore crane operator will have to give guidance and supervision to less knowledgeable deckhands. The assistant crane operator is promotable to the head Offshore Crane Operator when an open position comes into view. All participants must finish the class and practical session with a view to passing the course and to acquire the competency in the subject.

At Sea Royal Maritime Studies, our offshore crane operator training in India is all the rage in the country. We prepare our trainees body and soul and to the fullest, so you can count on us unreservedly with regard to our competence. To be precise, we have a team of qualified offshore crane operator trainers who play a seminal role in preparing the trainees. Our training academy is furnished with all essential innovative tools and strategies to provide our students with comprehensive knowledge of offshore crane operator training they need.

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