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Fire Fighting Course

Fire Fighter Training

We take the lead in offering the basic fire fighting course

Firefighting is a challenging job and to become a professional firefighter, a wannabe has to enroll in a firefighter training course. As a professional firefighter, you will be installed to extinguish a fire in several challenging places, for example, these can range from a forest, a countryside area to a downtown area. Firefighters work body and soul to protect the lives of every person as well as properties. Some firefighting aspirants choose to work as a volunteer at their local firehouse, tied with their high school certificate. Those who are interested in moving up the ladder faster, the idea to enroll in a specialized fire and safety course is worth considering achieving the goal.

What Does a Firefighter Do?

Firefighters typically turn up where a fire is caught and take help of state-of-the-art tools and different types of equipment to tackle the situation. Now let us get down to brass tacks. Firefighter Careers Basics Potential firefighters have to undergo go comprehensive professional training that helps them to deal with a variety of emergencies. Although firefighters are basically the ones who are best known for (as the name suggests) fighting fire, they are also responsible for dealing with medical emergencies, protecting and provide treatment to the wounded, imparting education about firefighting to the mass, etc. As their work is quite critical and emergent, they essentially have to be on call all round the clock!

Overview of our basic fire fighting training course

At Sea Royal Maritime Studies, the basic Fire Fighting Training we impart is designed to furnish the aspirants with the know-how and key skills to deal with and blow out a fire in a home or workplace. The firefighter training course includes a range of cutting-edge techniques and tools to be used during critical situations. Objectives of the fire training course
The purpose of this basic fire training course is to render aspirants with skills, and know-how that will facilitate them to become familiar with the conditions that are responsible for producing fire. Also, the fire safety training course will help them to know how to exactly use a fire extinguisher, respond properly to critical fire situations and tag on the fire evacuation strategy, substantially put fire emergency techniques into effect, etc. Upon the successful completion of the fire fighting course, trainees will be able to:

  • Blow out fires through a fire extinguisher very well and successfully.
  • Evacuate an installation on fire successfully.
  • Put the conjecture of the fire triangle in warding off fires at workplaces.
  • Execute a regular fire risk evaluation on the premises.
  • Become familiar with and the use the nitty-gritty of fire suppression.
  • Shed light on the meaning of a flash point and auto ignition.
  • Understand the mechanism of fire during its promulgation.

Who can reap benefit by undergoing the fire fighting course training?

The basic fire and safety course we at Sea Royal Maritime Studies offers is just the ticket for workers who are involved in various industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Chemicals procession, metallurgy, etc. where there is a high risk of fire eruptions. Duration This basic fire safety training lasts for 2 days in general. The course comprises 40% theoretical and 60% practical knowledge. Throughout the safety training, trainees will have to do:

  • Make classroom presentations
  • Exercises
  • Discussions
  • Videos and practical fire fighting simulations.

Based on the trainees preferences, we can organize the training either in our office or at the workshop in Mumbai.


There are no prerequisites to be had to enroll in this basic fire fighting training, however, we strongly recommended that the wannabes should have a basic knowledge of the English language in terms of speaking and writing.

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